All About: The 2011 Japanese Earthquake

   We, as human beings, can never prevent an earthquake from coming, nor can we expect how big it will be, but we can help minimize the damage, devastation, and loss of life. To reduce earthquake damage, new buildings must be made stronger, and more flexible. Older buildings may be modified to with stand stronger quakes. Yes; this would be expensive, but much less if the buildings would stay up within the earthquake, and not have to be rebuilt. Japan's earthquake technology is very sophisticated, unlike some other contries, and could have been much worse  This will help prevent more damage from a major earthquake, like the 2011 Japanese earthquake in Honshu.One way to help the Japanese in this time of need, is to donate. 

          We have set up a link for donors to the Red Cross website, if interested in donating please take a look at their website. Every cent counts, thank you.
Here is the link: